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This project began at Fleming College when faculty (from Fleming and beyond!) began building a community patchwork of ‘chapters’ into a quasi-textbook about pedagogy for teaching & learning in college. This space is that work in progress. Each patch of the quilt/chapter of the book (let’s call it a patch book) is to focus on one pedagogical skill and be completed and published by an individual faculty or other staff member. Wherever possible, we’d like to have the student perspective embedded in the work as well.

You could be proudly wearing this in a lanyard

As mentioned, each chapter covers one pedagogical skill. We began our search for pedagogical skills to cover with the University of Michigan’s High Leverage Practices, but the scope of the patchwork does not end there. It can be dictated by those who want to contribute their skill.

The faculty member who authors a chapter will offer their take on it. They will describe their learners and  learning environment and how they deploy or use the skill in that space. It will include instruction on how to use the skill situated in a real example. Patch Zero of the patch book serves as a template of what the chapters could look like, but faculty members who sign up to co-author the book can take it from there.

Like the awesome 90’s street wear company FUBU (For US, By Us), this patchwork is for faculty, by faculty.

Platinum Fubu Jeans flickr photo by JeepersMedia shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Oh and by the way, this whole idea has been inspired by this amazingly cool project by Robin De Rosa: The Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature Thanks for the inspiration @actualham!

Want to Sign up to create a patch RIGHT NOW or just ask questions?

Let Terry Greene know (@greeneterry)

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