Patch Zero: The Base Patch

This page serves as a template for how other patches can be shaped. This patch has no topic, it is just a description/template for other patches to grow from.


An introduction to the pedagogical skill and its uses.


Here the author will introduce themselves and maybe a peer helping them out and maybe a student who is involved as well.

Learning Environment

Here the author will describe the setting for the story ahead; The course or learning environment in which they will be describing how they use the pedagogical skill in question


A description of the learners in this context.

The Tips

A set of instructions for how to deploy the skill.

The Example

The story of how this skill was used in this particular course.

The Evaluation

How things worked, how things could have been better.

The Student

If possible, a student’s evaluation of how it all worked out.

The Multimedia

Hopefully some images/videos can be captured here and there to be shared as well!

Feature Photo credit: “9 patch” flickr photo by cyndygysbers shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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